FIE Schermvesten 800N

Schermvesten 800N / 350N

Our fencing suits (made in Germany) are COMPLETELY made from fully elasticated material and are very light. We use a fully elasticated cotton lining in the whole jacket. A big emphasis is placed on our clothing range being comfortable to wear. 

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Schermvest dames FIE 800N FWF

Productnr.: 8FJD800
148,75 €

Schermvest heren FIE 800N FWF

Productnr.: 8FJH800
148,75 €

Schermvest kinderen FIE 800N FWF

Productnr.: 8FJK800
117,80 €

Schermvesten Basic 350 N Kinderen

Productnr.: 8FJK350
70,20 €

geprinte naam schermvest

Productnr.: 8001
18,50 €

Naamopdruck op lapje

Productnr.: 8003
20,21 €