Marker Fechtwelt (since 2006) is the representing agency of FWF Fechtwelt GmbH in Western Germany.

With our commitment and enthusiasm for fencing, we are your partner for professional fencing equipment.

In order to facilitate optimal performance and pleasure in fencing, we equip fencers with material of high quality.

And as performance does not only depend on the material, we offer a quick and comprehensive service.

FWF Fechtwelt GmbH is the new distribution arm of a well established German manufacturer,

Karl Rolser GmbH (http://www.rolser-fechtsport.com) of fencing equipment. The company has been producing for over 45 years.

FWF Fechtwelt GmbH aims to sell mainly products that are Made in Germany or the EU. Our company’s primary goal is to offer high quality products that are good value for money.

Our products are tested and certified to CE and FIE Standards (ITV Test Centre Denkendorf, Germany). Our trials are carried out and supervised by experienced Fencing Masters, as this is the only way to attain the high quality standards that we promise our customers.

Frequent product testing during the manufacturing process ensures that your goods meet our exacting Quality standards.