Fencing Courses / Workshops



Today, sport fencing with foil, epee and saber has a permanent place in the Olympic sports program. But fencing also offers an extremely varied balance to everyday life beyond competitive sport - by the way, not only for children, adolescents and young adults: anyone can learn fencing - regardless of age and physical conditions.

Even today, fencing is an integral part of the stage: in addition to the timeless "Mantel-und-Degen" classics, modern pieces also rely on the entertaining confrontations with cut and stick weapons.

Why fencing?

Fencing promotes the ability to coordinate, react and concentrate, strengthens the muscles and strengthens the cardiovascular system. It combines positive effects on health with the fascination of practicing a centuries-old martial art. And by concentrating on the fencing exercises, everyday life can be wonderfully forgotten. An unbeatable connection – try it!

Range of services / course concept

Sports fencing for children and youth

Whether as a weekly school group, all-day project workshop or taster lesson in physical education - we teach groups of children and young people directly in your facility and teach the basics of modern sport fencing from footwork to handling the blade to free fencing.

Sport fencing for adults

For groups from companies, clubs, etc., we offer the opportunity to get to know sport fencing and learn the basics at one-time or regular appointments. Experience how, in a short time, you can become more and more proficient in handling the sword and apply your skills in free battles.

stage fencing

We initiate performers without fencing experience into the secrets of stage fencing - and convey what is important for the fencing scene to reach the audience. In addition, we help to develop individual choreographies for fight scenes.

Historical fencing

How was fighting actually done in the Middle Ages? Our courses teach how to use the long sword. Beyond wild carnage, historical authenticity is particularly important to us. In the field of historical fencing, we work closely with the Krifon fencing school in Worms.

Fencing for special target groups

By promoting coordination and concentration and improving body awareness, fencing can have a positive effect on body and mind in the case of various diseases (e.g. ADHD syndrome, Parkinson's). Training takes place without pressure, but with a lot of fun and always taking into account the individual requirements of the individual!

General information about the course organization

We will provide the material for the duration of the course. This is not the only reason why we ask for your understanding that the group size is limited to a certain number of participants. With this group size, optimal care and instruction of all participants is possible.

We are happy to teach on site at your facility, provided that suitable premises are available there. If this is not the case, we may – depending on the date – make premises available.

Our course fees depend on the size of the group and whether suitable premises are available.


If you are interested in our courses, please contact us. Together we design the optimal course concept for you and agree on the details.



Are you planning a school or company party, an open day or similar and are you still looking for an attraction for the supporting program? Have you ever thought about entertaining your visitors with a presentation of historical or contemporary fencing art? Whether it's a sports battle or a cloak and dagger scene, whether it's entertaining or informative - we'll inspire your audience!