FIE Schermvest heren 800N FWF, Ultralight elastisch

Productnr.: 8FJH800
FIE Schermvest heren 800N FWF, Ultralight elastisch

Ultralight Schermvest FIE heren FWF 800N.
  • Het herenmodel maat 50 weegt 950 gr.
  • Elastisch materiaal.
  • FWF schermvest.
  • Vest is van Dyneema en is dus super sterk en comfortabel.
  • Gehele vest 800N / FIE
  • Geschikt voor alle wapens.

Our fencing clothes are manufactured exclusivly from elasticated fabrics. Both our 800N and 350N clothing has an outstanding fit. Our design patterns were chosen to give maximum freedom of movement. The sizes were chosen to correspond to standard clothes sizes, which makes it easy for our customers to choose their personal uniform.

We have used the same material to manufacture our plastrons as it would be pointless to wear a fully elasticated uniform with a regular plastron. The use of a skin frindly net lining prevents heat from building up under the cloting. This maximum freedom of movement can only be guaranteed by combining our plastron and uniform.

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